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Analysing call data and cell data to provide supporting evidence

In many criminal investigations at some point the police are likely to require an analysis of suspects’ call records to extract evidence of contacts, relationships and the location of suspects at designated time/dates. The Innaxys Telecoms Forensics Solution is a secure cloud-based application designed specifically for this purpose, enabling forensics teams to quickly prepare court-admissible exhibits, including call schedules, annotated maps, cell analysis maps and more from data provided by mobile operators in various formats.
The solution produces exhibits into version-controlled reports that can be directly taken to court.

  • A fast and easy way to analyse large amounts of data, saving valuable analyst time and money
  • Produce court admissible exhibits at the click of a button
  • Comprehensive, detailed reports with tailorable formats to suit requirements
  • Visual representation of data and information on maps as well as in tables
  • Easy to use and intuitive, minimising the amount of training needed
  • Cloud-based with secure role-based access through the force’s own IT infrastructure
  • Fully auditable system, every user action is recorded and logged

Producing a forensics analysis in hours when it took days

Call schedule exhibits identify who has spoken to who, where, when, for how long…
Map exhibits can layer various types of information including call schedule call-outs, cell coverage and annotations, all of which can be presented in a dynamic way.

Security Accreditation

All Innaxys software and solutions are built with security in mind, and the Innaxys Telecoms Forensics Solution has been designed to comply with a minimum rating of ‘Official’ (IL3) standard, having already achieved this on at least one deployment.
Should you need to accredit the system for your own requirements, we will work with you every step of the way to facilitate this.

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